Prabhu Paramasivam


It is not easy to sustain in the competitive world of business without real faith and assurance. Faith manifests when asdurance is socially endorsed and re iterated.
We can claim proudly that people have faith in us they endorse our assurance. What we stand here for has now become history and it moves on.

Mohammed Nisthar

Managing Director

Every journey connected to life, has certain evolution. It is our dream that decides its further progress. It is our actions that lead it towards a certain goal. And is our perception that it decides its further growth. We have always dreamed to be the perpetual partner of people's vision. We have always acted upon their will and wish. We never underestimated anyone's need in their run to su ...

Riyas Kappadan

Executive Director

Like one is connected to his own self, business has commitment and responsibility to the society and to customers. Nothing prospers without commitment and responsibility. .business in particular. And business is straightly connected to cusyomers' commitment and responsibility become an everlasting affair.
We act upon this basic factors of life and business. It is unchanging thoug ...

Illyas V


Businesses is not always about making profit. It is only one dimension of the many. Realm of business built upon the profit base may not be strong either. We believe in participation. To take part in the process of making one's dream come true. Then the journey becomes meaningful.

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May Day
On may 1st, it was the day of recognition. Labours who had worked hard for the upliftment of the company were duly rewarded.