Hi-LIFE is a group of companies and business initiatives with a long tradition of entrepreneurial culture, especially in steel manufacturing. A popular name in TMT bars and various other fields, the Group works on ethics and loyalty.

TMT Features

  • FIRE RESISTANT – Hi-LIFE TMT Bars withstands temperature upto 500 degree Celsius
  • CORROSION RESISTANT – The Thermo Mechanically Treated bars are superior in strength and can stand corrosive properties
  • EARTH QUAKE RESITANT – The soft ferrite pearlite core of the bars enables the rod to bear dynamic and seismic quakes
  • MALLEABILITY & WELDABILITY – Hi-LIFE TMT Bars become your preferred choice as it is flexible and enjoy fine welding features
  • HIGH BONDING – The external ribs across the entire length of the bars provide superior bonding strength between the rod and the concrete in constructions
  • COST EFFECTIVE – Hi-LIFE Fe500 and Fe550 grade rods have high tensile strength and better elongation value. It helps the users save upto 15% in steel consumption

In order to ensure that quality TMT bars are purchased, look for Hi-LIFE logo on the bars. The rods come in different lengths of 11 or 12 metres or can be customized as per the buyer’s requirements.