We produce the raw materials
Unlike other companies which outsource raw materials Hi Life make the raw materials needed for the production of TMT bars .This make the HI Life TMT bars the best in the industry.
Equally strong ribs give better result
The ribs which are on top of the bars really get jelled with the concrete which make it even more strong and firm. This is one of the reasons that HI Life TMT bars are stronger than the other bars available in the market.
Excellent flexibility
Specially used chemical technology makes the HI Life TMT more flexible and unbreakable.
Precise weight
Hi Life TMT Bars can shoulder any amount of weight since it is designed in such a way that its weight is equally proportionate to its height. In other ordinary bars it is not so. This result in distorted design and extra amount of expense.
Protection from the rust
The Corrosion Resistant Steel ( CRS) keeps the bars away from the rust
Low carbon makes the welding easy
The low carbon effect helps to save time without compromising the strength aspect.
High Elasticity
Since the Hi Life TMT bars show stability in strength and quality it is highly recommended for long term constructions. The elasticity and the ability to hold weight are low in ordinary bars.
Protection from earth quake
Its versatility acts as a protector from earth quake
Prevents Heat
Hi-Life TMT bars can prevent heat up to 500 degree Celsius.

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May Day
On may 1st, it was the day of recognition. Labours who had worked hard for the upliftment of the company were duly rewarded.